I was told there’s a great seafood restaurant within walking distance of me called Ja’hind.  I was impressed with the very modern decor and the way they were able to fit so many people in such a tight place.  Although, there still was a 30 minute wait.  I was not feeling so well in the beginning, as I had come down with a cold and was in a miserable mood. But by the time lunch was over, I was as happy as a clam.  I ordered 2 kinds of fried fish: Pomfret and Bombil.  They were both delicious and easy to eat.  I devoured the whole thing excluding the bones, not caring what part of the fish I was eating LoL.  Next up was this flavorful Prawns Masala with a side of rice.   It was loaded with spices and a hint of coconut milk.  It is amazing how much flavor they can pack in such a little dish!

Fried Pomfret

Fried Bombil

Prawns Masala

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